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            1. Hi-Tech Machineries Corporation

              Industry Applications

              Recommended Products

              We Supply Different Types of Metering Pump for Many Industrial Applications

              Product Categories
              UBAPrecision dispensing pump

              UBA Precision Metering Pumps

              ER series of metering pumps, the use of sophisticated high-purity ceramic rotary valve control fluid input and output


              Uni-ramAutomotive Products

              Uni-Ram Solvent Recyclers

              Uni-ram Automotive manufactures environmentally friendly equipment for collision repair shops.


              Hi-Tech Machineries Corporation provides optimal
              solutions in various fields of industry

              We will fulfill customer value
              with the best engineering skills and services.

              Foshan Hi-Tech Machineries Corporation

              About Pa excellent mechanical products related issues, we recommend that you discuss the coming visit! Immediately dial telephone 0757-82782815, booking negotiate.